Chakrascension Courses


I'm a qualified Chakrascension Level Three Practitioner and I teach Chakrascension (Level One and Two).


Chakrascension is a form of energy therapy from the Ascended Masters, channelling their energy to activate and balance the chakras in the human energy field (Aura).

Promoting wellbeing on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.


Chakrascension is a powerful but gentle complementary therapy working with symbols, which each symbol is linked to a specific Ascended Master. (There are thirteen symbols in Chakrascension).


Chakrascension is taught in four levels. Levels one and two work on the human energy system, and balancing it's main chakras located along the spine and up into the head.



Chakrascension Courses


Levels 1 & 2 are accredited short courses with the 

Federation of Holistic Therapists


I teach individual students 1-2-1, but I can also teach you and a friend.


Level One - is a one day course - 10am - 4pm


You will be taught and activated to the energies of seven of the symbols. (Each symbol is linked to a specific Ascended Master).


So you can use these symbols in a self treatment to correct any imbalances in your energy system.


£85 per person


You'll receive a manual for the level one course and on completion of the course you'll receive your certificate.



Level Two - is a one day course - 10am - 4pm


You'll be given two more symbols to learn and you will be activated to their energies.


You can then use these symbols to treat others and you will also learn how to use these new symbols to activate clients to Chakrascension Level One.


Once you've completed your level Two, you'll be able to treat others and activate and teach Level One.


£140 per person


You'll receive a manual for the course and on completion of four case studies you'll receive your certificate.


These courses qualify for CPD hours (if you wish to receive your CPD hours you must hold a Level 3 qualification in Holistic's or in giving treatments).


For further information or to book a Chakrascension course

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