Looking after your skin & soul

I'm a qualified mobile beautician, holistic and complementary therapist.  Offering you a range of treatments from looking after your skin and nails, to treatments that balances the natural flow of energies within the body, helping accelerate it's natural healing process on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.   


The treatments I offer range from a Luxury Deep Cleanse Facial, to a Luxurious Rose Quartz Crystal Facial, which includes the use of rose quartz crystals and rose based products, and is combined with a Rose Quartz Crystal Chakra Alignment. Placing rose quartz crystals on your chakras and in a grid around you, and being activated by a rose quartz crystal pendulum. Giving you the ultimate of luxurious facials and a deep, powerful but beautiful complementary treatment.


I also offer Manicures & Pedicures or you may wish to indulge in having a Luxury Spa Manicure or Pedicure, which is combined with a relaxing Thai Hand or Foot massage, helping with circulation and releasing tight muscles. This is a brilliant treatment for tied feet and over worked hands.


I'm also an experienced psychic medium, offering psychic readings (Tarot Card readings and Psychic Art Readings) helping you with positive spiritual guidance.


The treatments I offer can be given on their own or as a package, but if there isn't a package already available, I'm willing to combine  treatments together to suit you. Giving you a 'Special Personal' bespoke package treatment.


My wish is for you to enjoy the treatments that I offer, leaving you feeling your best, with a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity, and your skin feeling soft, glowing and rejuvenated.


I'm fully insured and a member of the guilds below: