Psychic Art Readings


A Psychic Art Reading is a drawing (portrait) of one of your spirit guides who has come through with a message (Reading) for you.

The Psychic Art Readings come through with positive spiritual guidance and a loved one who has passed may come through while you're receiving your reading. 


The messages Kaye receives from her guides are channelled through her. Kaye's guides work with your guides and while she is drawing a portrait of one of your guides, she will be relaying the message to you from them. 


Kaye also works with colour and when she's giving a reading she's found her guides show her which colour pencil to use to draw the portrait. (The colour used, will be the colour that is related to the reading at that time).


The portrait of your guide is channelled through Kaye and as she puts the coloured pencil to the paper she is guided what to draw. Other times her guides show her lines within the paper and all she has to do is follow them with the coloured pencil.  


Once the reading has finished the portrait of your guide is yours to hang on your wall.  


Psychic Art Readings   £45

 (A Psychic Art Reading normally lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, but sometimes the reading may last longer) 



A Psychic Art Reading is available Face to Face or via SkypeFaceTime or WhatsApp.




 To Book a Reading 

Please contact Kaye on 07885 175759

or via email


Kaye does Psychic Art Readings at partiesweddings and other events.



Payment: You can pay through PayPal. Once you have booked your Psychic Art Reading, Kaye will email a PayPal invoice to you. (You can pay on the invoice even if you haven't got a PayPal account).


SkypeFaceTime or WhatsApp

If you have your psychic art reading via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, Kaye will email the drawing of your guide to you. The original drawing can be sent to you by post, where there will be postage to be paid on top of the £45.


Terms and conditions

All readings are for entertainment only and you must be 18 years old or over and that there is no known awareness of any conditions, mental or otherwise, that could affect the interpretation or misunderstanding of a reading on your part and that you seek this service voluntary.


In the very rare case that Kaye couldn't receive any information or guidance for you, then a full refund will be given.


Disclaimer:  Kaye is not a fortune teller, and the information given to you from the reading is up to you to interpret, and decide how to use it, including any actions you may take, which is nothing to do with the reader. Kaye's readings are channelled through her by her guides and angels with positive guidance in helping you at that time, and to help you towards fulfilling your full potential.